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Music Technology

Music Lovers

Play high quality MP3's through your stereo from a Music Library located on your computer.

Never have to get up and change a CD again.

Store and Manage all of your music on your computer but play your music anywhere in your house using a Wireless Remote Control.

Select and Play by Track, Artist, Genre, Album or Playlist.

Create Favorite Playlist's and have hours upon hours of Continuous Uninterrupted Music.

Review what is “Now Playing” for Title, Artist, Album and duration.

Go directly to the song/album/artist/genre you desire.

Optionally connect to a Stand-Alone, High Quality, Speaker System for Portability.

Put it in any room in the house or even the Patio in just minutes.

Your computer supports up to 4 Independent Remotes.

The kids can listen to “Their Music” while you're comfortably listening to yours.

Throw out your clunky CD Jukebox! It's Obsolete!

FIND OUT NOW how to enjoy this Exciting, New Technological Breakthrough.

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